Parts Unknown - The Hydromatics (America/Netherlands/Sweden)

Label:White Jazz Records
Runaway Slaves
Calling LWA

Rating: 10/10

Back in the 70's, Scott Morgan was a member of the legendary Sonic's Rendezvous Band. Whilst the band is best known as being formed by the MC5's Fred 'Sonic' Smith, Scott Morgan's contributions are often unfairly overlooked. His soulful vocals were among the best in the business and he contributed several fine songs in his own right. Now, some 20 years later, Morgan has teamed up with the Nitwitz's Tony Slug on guitar and the Hellacopter's Nicke Royale on drums, to not only record some of his old SRB tunes but also several new originals under the Hydromatics moniker. The result of this collaboration is the Parts Unknown album and while Tony and Nicke both contribute two fine songs each, it's Morgan's songs that form the heart of this record. Undoubtably the highlight of this album is being able to hear his old Sonic's Rendezvous classics (Earthy, Dangerous, Heaven and Getting There Is Half The Fun) properly and powerfully recorded after all this time. If that's not enough, the band then rip through the best cover of the MC5's Baby Won't Ya that your ever likely to hear. Morgan's vocals are amazing regardless of his age while the band play as if inspired the same sense of enthusiasm. The album may be called Parts Unknown but there are no parts missing in this revved up machine.

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